Frequently Asked Questions

King's College Art Exhibition


  1. I would like to exhibit at the Kings College Art Exhibition. How do I register?
    Artists that participate in the exhibition are invited by the Arts Committee. To be considered for selection, please contact us via our online contact form.

  2. I exhibited last year, and I have been invited to exhibit again this year. Do I need to re-register?
    No, your profile is active. Log In here and update your details, specifically updating the selector assigned to you this year. This can be found under the red button that says: Details (Update your Contact details, Billing information and Bio.).

  3. Do I need to be based in Auckland to be able to participate in the Art Exhibition?
    No. We have artists from across the country participating in our exhibition.

  4. Who is responsible for the transport costs associated with my artwork?
    You are responsible. As the artists, the cost of transport/courier charges are for your account.

  5. Will my art be insured while it is at the Kings College Art Exhibition?
    No, your art is your responsibility to insure for the duration of the Art Exhibition.

  6. I have more than one image of my artwork. Can I upload a few?
    Yes, you may submit more than one image of your artwork. We will, however, just use one.

  7. What size must my image be?
    Your image should be a high-quality photo that accurately depicts your artwork - preferably straight-on for two-dimensional works.

  8. If my artwork is sold, when will I get paid?
    You will receive your payment on/by the 20th of the month following the Art Exhibition.

  9. Can I exhibit work that has been in a previous exhibition?
    Ideally, we would like new work, created specifically for the Kings Art Exhibition and not exhibited at other exhibitions.

  10. Will my artwork appear in the annual Kings Art Exhibition catalogue?
    It is not a guarantee. Works are selected for the catalogue to illustrate the diversity of works and the inclusion of the works are decided by the Arts Committee members. Please have any artworks in before the submission consideration cut-off date.

  11. I have a query about my artwork. Who do I contact?
    If you are a registered artist, please contact your appointed Art Selector. Their details will be in your email correspondence.

    If you are not registered and interested in exhibiting, please contact us via the contact form on this website.

  12. I would like to read a copy of the Terms and Conditions. Where do I find these? 
    You can read the King's College Art Exhibition Terms and Conditions here.